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Author:  Inquizator [ Wed 04-30-2008 7:51AM ]
Post subject:  Re: Motorcycles...

SteelbluesleepR wrote:
i'd love to get a little fifty. i tried riding one once, never having ridden anything with a hand clutch before. not a good experience! i tried to do a u-turn and downshifted from 3rd to 2nd. i dumped the clutch and it popped up on me and dragged the exhaust on the ground. i just walked it back to my group of friends embarassed. i still want one, though.

That's an example of the exact type of thing the first 2-3 hours of outside the classroom time at an MSF course will cure forever. They do lots of clutch control drills to begin with. When I took mine I'd been driving a car with a clutch for 4 and a half years and had been riding my motorcycle for a few months already and I still felt like those drills helped me refine my clutch control skills. On a motorcycle (probably more so with sport bikes and the like than cruisers) a lot of the control of power comes from the clutch, not the throttle. The throttle is jumpy and touchy, so especially in low speed maneuver situations, you give it more throttle than you need and then ride the clutch to get only the power to the wheels that you want. Most motorcycles have wet clutches, which means that you could ride the clutch all day without causing a problem. My MSF instructors literally said dozens of times that every exercise in the class could be done just fine with the throttle taped wide open the whole time.

So ya, for anyone even interested in riding motorcycles or not sure if it's for them or not I definitely recommend taking an MSF course. It's well worth the money.

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