Glass recycling
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Author:  Tom Green [ Thu 05-01-2008 12:41PM ]
Post subject:  Glass recycling

Does anyone know of any recycling centers or something like that locally that takes glass bottles? --preferably gives money for it.. Thanks.

Author:  jacoby0419 [ Thu 05-01-2008 1:09PM ]
Post subject:  Re: Glass recycling

I know RMU (Rolla Municipal Utilities) recycles glass bottles, brown and clear. But they dont pay for it. I also have some scrap steel and I was wondering if anyone knew of someone who would pay for it as well.

Author:  mad duck [ Thu 05-01-2008 2:10PM ]
Post subject:  Re: Glass recycling

There's a metal recycling place that will pay for metal on the 44 outer road towards STL. I'll post a Gmap location when I can find one.

Author:  ShadowCat38 [ Thu 05-01-2008 8:51PM ]
Post subject:  Re: Glass recycling

They pay market value for your steel, based on how clean it is, the type it is (cast iron, stainless, etc.), its shape...

Anyway, the last time I sold steel (about 5 weeks ago) it was bringing about $150/ton. GLHF!

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